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Stroke Services in the Community

The Stroke Association of Southern California is a vital resource in the continuum of stroke services and complements the advanced care of accredited stroke centers and the educational media and research of the American and National Stroke Associations with direct and personal services in the community. This is what SASC can do with support:

  1. Prevention and wellness classes support healthy lifestyle, health risk mitigation and medical care that protect against stroke, heart disease, diabetes and other illness.
  2. SASC prepares the public to recognize signs and symptoms, immediately call 911 and go to a certified stroke center to restore brain circulation.
  3. When families contact the SASC helpline in a state of distress, they receive expert and compassionate guidance to resources and support.
  4. In stroke recovery groups, survivors and families learn and practice the skills and adaptations needed to live well and enjoy life, even as they recover.
  5. The psychological and social trauma of stroke is eased with education, support, expressive activities, adaptive exercise and professional services as needed.
  6. SASC provides continual physical, psychological and social services throughout the continuum of stroke in the hospital, at home and in the community.
  7. SASC is committed to serve uninsured, underserved and high-risk populations.
  8. SASC supports advances in stroke care by representing survivors, families, and the public-at-large on various scientific advisory committees.
  9. In the research project, “Trajectories of Stroke Recovery,” SASC examines the correlated factors that contribute to optimal stroke recovery.
  10. SASC helps communities develop collaborative prevention, treatment and recovery services that make use of the resources and strengths in each locality.

The Stroke Association is a non-profit 501 (3)(c) organization (Tax ID 95-2809676) and can expand these services and accomplish these goals in more communities and regions of Southern California with the support of concerned individuals, families, healthcare providers and payers, local government and civic organizations and businesses.

Please read: The New Stroke Paradigm (PDF)

You Can Help Your Community

The Stroke Association invites survivors, families, support groups, health professionals and facilities, concerned persons, organizations and communities to join forces in commitment to stroke prevention, treatment, recovery and universal wellness.

We ask concerned individuals and families; healthcare professionals, providers and payers; local government, civic minded organizations and businesses to sustain vital services. With your help, these services could be provided in your community.

These interventions that improve health, recovery and quality of life are cost-effective, because of reduction of subsequent illness and expense. The medical savings for one participant could cover the entire program cost in one community, several times over.

Thank you for your consideration of this appeal. People you know will be the beneficiaries of your support. The Stroke Association is a non-profit 501 (3)(c) organization (Tax ID 95-2809676) and your contribution is tax exempt.

Please support stroke and wellness services in your community.

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